VLAVIANOS S. A. presents the new radiant floor system for glass balconies and balconies, which is completely invisible, since it is encased in the floor!

It consists of a specially designed, one-piece, heavy-duty aluminum profile, which provides resistance to mechanical stresses. The glass panes are fixed to the chamber with special rubber and synthetic materials, which allow easy and trouble-free replacement of the glass in case of breakage. The system is capable of accepting glass panels 8+8 mm or 10+10 mm thick and up to 110 cm above the ground surface (the use of laminated – tempered glass panels is recommended). The system is an ideal solution for hotels and catering areas in general, while offering absolute waterproofing through special rubber gaskets.


  • Safety design that does not allow small children to climb on its base
  • Unobstructed view
  • Easy alignment – alignment with special fittings and rubbers
  • Possibility of choice of handrail
  • Large variety in choice of colored membranes on the glazing
  • Certification by IFT ROSENHEIM
  • Large sinking of the glass into the profile, making it particularly rigid


Base cross-section: 42×110 mm

Glass thickness: 8+8 or 10+10 mm (laminated – tempered)

Maximum glass pane height: 130mm

Laminated | RAL

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