The company Vlavianos Crystals S. A. is leading the crystal industry with a tradition of more than 100 years and combines experience, know-how and cutting-edge technologies.


The company's vision, which governs its partnerships and services, is to constantly evolve, to optimize the crystal production processes and its services, offering solutions and redefining the limits of crystals and their application in terms of aesthetics, flexibility and ergonomics.


The values of the company are the safety of its products, but also the quality in terms of both production and application, distinguishing the crystals of Vlavianos Crystals S. A. for their timelessness.


Standardized production in which we ensure quality and stability throughout, both the production process (ordering, manufacturing and installation) and the delivery of the project.

High quality crystals, evolved mechanisms & frames exclusively from internationally recognized companies such as AGC, St. Gobain, Pilkington, Guardian, Geze and Dorma.

A wide range of product options, suitable for a variety of applications, while staying consistent with every aesthetic direction.

Absolute precision in customization, application and sealing according to the specific standards and requirements of each project.

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