The Effortless floor opening door is a real revolution in the installation of glass doors. It is essentially a hydraulic mechanism for restoring a glass door, which is installed on the floor. Unlike the classic in-floor door mechanism, the installation of Effortless is done floor-to-floor, without digging and without modifying the existing floor. In practice, this means that unnecessary floor shaping operations (cutting concrete, tiles or marble) are avoided, while at the same time the infrastructure within the floor, such as piping, radiant heating, etc., is not damaged. The simplicity and ease of installation of the Effortless series, as well as its economical price, make it a timeless and reliable solution for every construction need. The Effortless door is an ideal solution, where interference with the floor is considered prohibited, e.g. in office spaces, bathrooms or interior spaces in general.


  • Simple design that gives style and robustness
  • Easy and quick installation without floor digging
  • Saving time and therefore money during installation
  • Certified solution according to EN 1154 and successfully tested for 1,000,000 door openings
  • Variety in the choice of accessories (knobs, locks, etc.)
  • Wide range of options in the type of glazing (fluorine, degradé, digital printing, colored laminate film, etc.


Guide Finish: Satin Anodized – Glossy Anodized.

Crystal thickness: 10mm (tempered) or 5+5 mm (laminated tempered).

Crystal type: Transparent – ultra clear – fluorine – degradé – colored triplex film – digital printing.


Lock: Floor, waist lock.

Knob: Bull, bar.



Laminated | RAL

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