The company VLAVIANOS A.V.E. presents the EOS series, a flexible and practical solution for every construction. The door rolls easily and smoothly on an aluminum profile of high aesthetics, designed in an unnecessary style. The system adapts to any type of construction, giving great flexibility in terms of applications (single-sheet, double-sheet, with fixed and non-fixed sides). The EOS sliding door is an ideal solution for office spaces or bathroom entrances and generally in places with limited space.


  • Possibility of building a large glass door with heavy-duty wheels (capable of holding very heavy weights)
  • Smooth and silent operation of the system in a simple industrial line
  • Practical and flexible solution with many applications
  • A wide variety of accessories (knobs, locks) able to satisfy even the most demanding tastes
  • Insulation with special polycarbonate profiles (PVC)
  • Easy and quick installation, either on the ceiling (ceiling) • either on the wall (side mounting)
  • Wide color variety in the driver’s paint (natural anodizing, satin inox, RAL paints)
  • Available with or without crystal retention stop


Driver dimension: 38cm W x 43cm H (clear sliding door) or 53cm W x 42cm H (door and fixed glass).

Guide finish: Natural anodizing / satin anodizing / Ral paint.

Crystal thickness: 10mm (tempered) or 5+5 mm (laminated tempered).

Crystal type: Transparent – ​​ultra clear – fluorine-degradé – colored film laminated – digital printing.

Maximum crystal weight: 80 kg.

Maximum door dimensions: 130cm width x 230cm height.

Knob: Hand – bar.




Laminated | RAL

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