The Framed Parking System is an evolution of the folding leaf system with parking. The sheets are framed in an aluminum frame, offering thermal insulation and absolute waterproofing. The operation is exactly the same as in the Parking System, as each sheet is rolled on stainless steel rollers on a certified heavy-duty guide and stored at the edge of the opening. It is a simple and functional system, ideal for spaces where thermal insulation, sound insulation and total autonomy are required. The special aluminum cross-sections create a strong frame that enables us to use tempered crystals up to 12mm, laminated up to 6+6 mm and double glazing with a total thickness of up to 18mm. The crates are perfectly sealed together, with special specification rubber and high resistance to stress and weather conditions. Locking is done with special latches and double lock. It is possible to adapt the special return mechanism on the upper part of the leaf (type SOC / swing overhead closer), in order to have a door leaf that can open from all points.


  • Totally waterproofed construction
  • Energy savings using dual energy crystals
  • High thermal and sound insulation capability offered by the double glazing
  • Maximum security offered by double locking locks
  • Double or anti-vandal glass panes for maximum safety
  • Stainless steel roller slide bar for long life with the least maintenance
  • 2 years warranty of good operation
  • Wide variety in the painting of aluminum profiles
  • Without floor guides
  • Anti-vandal glazing capability
  • Maximum use of space when the system is opened


Crystal type: double, double energy, laminated, tempered or anti-vandal.


Crystal Processing: Digital printing, dyeing, fluorescent pattern, colored films, soundproof films.

Thickness: up to 18mm.

Sheet weight: up to 100kg (depending on the system).

Maximum Sheet Width: Up to 1m (depending on the system).

Maximum opening height: up to 3m (depending on the system).

Finish: Natural anodizing, satin anodizing, electrostatic painting.





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