Our company is daring and entering a special industry. That, of the swimming pool construction.

Glass swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to new technologies that allow the manufacture of glass panels with excellent durability.

The swimming pool is always a beautiful addition to a building, not only for the moments of fun and relaxation it offers, but also for its contribution to the aesthetic enhancement of the building and the increase in its value. Thanks to the evolution of new technologies and the constant investment of manufacturers in development, there are extremely durable glass panes that allow for carefree and safe diving, along with a view without limits.

The most suitable type of glass for pool construction is laminated glass, which is resistant to the high pressure exerted by the volume of water and provides safety in case of breakage. Laminated glass panels can also be used as a pool area enclosure in many ways:

  • Frameless: they offer a sleek and modern look, while providing security by creating a transparent frame around the pool area. The glass panels are usually held together with bars, providing an unobstructed view of the pool.
  • Tinted glass: tinted glass panels come in various shades, such as bronze, grey, blue or green, to match the aesthetics of the surroundings.
  • Embossed or frosted glass: often used to protect privacy without altering the aesthetics of the space. It can be applied in pool cabins or in specific areas where discretion is desired, such as changing rooms or outdoor showers.
  •  With integrated LED lighting: LED lighting technology has been integrated into glass panels for pool construction, creating stunning visual effects and a beautiful atmosphere during evening events or night swimming.
  • With solar control glass: designed to minimize heat transfer and UV rays, it is an ideal choice for pool areas exposed to direct sunlight. It helps maintain a comfortable temperature around the pool and protects against harmful UV radiation.
  • With decorative elements:  some glazing units incorporate decorative elements to improve the overall aesthetics and add visual interest.

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