The glass opening door from the Plain series is a classic and at the same time timeless glass door, which is applied in a multitude of constructions. The glass is fixed with special hinges on the side wall, allowing bidirectional movement of the glass in both directions. The simplicity and ease of installation of the Plain series, as well as its economical price, make it a significantly reliable solution for any construction need. The application possibilities are virtually unlimited, since all desired door dimensions are manufactured immediately. It is also possible to lock the door with a special latch with an indicator, while the insulation between the spaces is ensured with polycarbonate profiles (if required). The Plain glass door is an ideal solution where simple, unnecessary glass surfaces are required.


  • Affordable luxury for every budget.
  • Unlimited application possibilities on almost any infrastructure.
  • Possibility of construction of fixed glazing units with special components.
  • Special sealing profiles (PVC) for insulation.
  • Variety in the selection of accessories (hinges, knobs, latches).
  • Wide range of options in the type of glass (fluorine, degradé, digital printing, colored film laminated, etc.).


Driver Finish: Chrome, satin, electrostatic paint.

Crystal thickness: 8 or 10 mm (tempered glass) or 5+5 mm (laminated tempered).

Crystal type: Transparent – ​​ultra clear – fluorine – degradé – colored film laminated – digital printing.

Knob: Bull, bar.

Lock: Drawer with indicator, floor lock, waist lock.



Laminated | RAL


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