A new innovative product is added to the range of glass balconies of the company VLAVIANOS S. A. Side Mount System is a brand new system of side fixing of glass balconies, which is screwed on the outside of the floor or parapet. It consists of a specially designed aluminum profile of 57 x 145 cm cross-section and an aluminum lid, wedges and fixing rubbers. The glass panels are fixed along the entire length of the structure using hard rubber and special wedges, which hold the glass and help to quickly install the entire structure. The system is capable of accepting glass panes 8+8 mm or 10+10 mm thick and up to 110 cm high from the floor surface (the use of laminated – tempered / laminated – heat strengthened glass panes is recommended). The system is an ideal solution for hotels and catering areas in general, while offering absolute sealing through special tires.


  • Rear base cover
  • Rubber seals
  • Base body
  • Adjustment wedge
  • Special metal plug
  • Pad with notch for led
  • Front cover with notch for led

  • Safety design that prevents small children from climbing on its base.
  • Placement outside or inside the parapet and therefore avoiding puncturing the insulation of the balcony.
  • Flawless architectural design and invisible appearance inside the balcony.
  • No drilling of the pane is required as with most external glass parapet supports.
  • Impressive aesthetic and functional effect without restricting the view.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Absolutely safe solution (successful static study in linear load resistance up to 3 KN/m).
  • Wide variety of paint colors (natural anodizing, satin inox, RAL paints).
  • Possibility of choosing a handrail to enhance the feeling of “security”.


Product details:


Base cross-section: 57×145 cm

Glazing thickness: 8+8 or 10+10 mm (laminated – tempered / laminated – heat strengthened)

Maximum glass height: 110cm from ground surface



Laminated | RAL


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