An absolutely minimal, but at the same time safe solution is the external fixing system for balconies with spacers (supports). It is a lateral fixing of crystals to the outside of the floor or parapet using stainless steel cylinder heads. The headers are screwed to the front of the balcony and the glazing is hung on the outside of the substructure, without taking away useful space from the balcony. The crystals must be tempered laminated and have a total thickness of 8+8 or 10+10 mm. The maximum final height of the crystals is 120 cm from the floor surface. The system is an ideal solution for hotel spaces and residences, where elegance and simple lines are required.


Abstract, minimal proposal without any aluminum profiles, guides or handrails

  • Placement on the outside of the parapet and therefore avoiding puncturing the balcony insulation
  • Flawless architectural design and invisible appearance on the front of buildings
  • Drilling of the glass panel is required
  • Easy and quick installation since it is possible to install adjustable spacers
  • Possibility of surface protection of the spacer with the stainless steel passivation method
  • Resistance to time offered by the inox construction without the need for maintenance





Fixed Spacer Dimension:

40mm / 50mm

Glazing thickness:

8+8 or 10+10 mm (laminated tempered)

Maximum glass height:

120cm from ground surface

Construction material:

Stainless steel, aluminum

Stainless Spacer Finish:

Mirror or satin

Aluminum Spacer Finish:

Natural anodizing, satin anodizing, electrostatic painting



Laminated | RAL

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