Our company’s latest generation FULL GLASS VL PLAN STRUCTURE glazing with GLASS FINS is the most modern innovative solutions, without any metal beams and aluminum frames.

Made only of load-bearing beams and columns with integrated (optional) LED lighting. In such applications, without any frames (frameless), glazing, shading system, lighting, etc., is mounted exclusively on the full glass structure, which may be vertical, flat, sloping, inclined, slotted or any other shape and is completely watertight and airtight.

Vlavianos Glass, with its vast experience in the field of glass and a large number of completed projects (more than 200) in Greece and abroad, is a one-way street in choosing a partner for such type of constructions.


  • The present glazing system (VL plan structure type APPLE USA) is the most transparent, almost “invisible and high tech” glazing application worldwide.
  • Full design (Auto CAD), structural design & dimensioning of thickness & type of glazing & carrier, based on EURO CODE 1 (EC1) for wind pressure loads, spinning, dynamic, thermal loads based on EN 572 and all international specifications.
  • The application of the glass load-bearing elements (beams & columns) of glazing units is carried out after a static study with appropriately sized glass panels from our company, safety tempered and laminated, certified according to EN 12150 and EN 14449 and with screen printed glass code. VL 479. The glass panes have an indicative thickness of 15 ultra-clear + 15 ultra-clear, welded with SGP membranes 1. 52 mm thick and have been treated with HST according to EN 14179.
  • The glazing consists of high quality stainless steel components, VLAVIANOS LOOP type, stainless steel spacer with tractors and VLAVIANOS TENSION ROD clamps.
  • Use of exclusively stainless steel, certified SPIDER INOX AISI 304 MIRROR POLISHED components (which have undergone a passivation process and mirror polishing for maximum protection against oxidation/rust and unparalleled aesthetics) as part of the VL plan structure system.




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