Self-cleaning glass panes are usually outdoor glass panes, which are difficult to get dirty and therefore do not need frequent cleaning.

They are made by placing, on a common pane of glass, a transparent layer of photo catalytic and hydrophilic mineral material which, firstly, ensures a high level of resistance, and secondly enables it, together with the sun and rain, to break the bonds between the glass and the unwanted elements.

The advantages of these glass panes are that they stay clean for longer, so less frequent and less expensive cleaning is required. A consequence of the above is that they are also used in places with difficult access.

Available in 04mm, 06mm, 08mm and 10mm thickness.


  • In urban areas, in the countryside and in seaside places
  • On windows and balcony doors
  • On roofs and balconies
  • In external shop windows


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