A dielectric mirror or mirror for projection screens is a technologically advanced coated glass panel with a dual function: that of a mirror and that of a screen application (e. g. TV). When the TV screen is on, it’s clearly visible, and when the screen is off, the mirror is visible – with all the beauty and functionality it offers. In practice, when the screen is off, the mirror maintains a mirrored appearance, while when the screen is on, its image is displayed.

The dielectric mirror can be subjected to treatments such as: cutting, grinding, heat curing, triplex process, dyeing, etc.


57% Reflectivity of Coated Side

41% Light Transmittance

55% Reflectivity of uncoated side

VLAVIANOS S. A. has certified mirrors with screen applications from the largest international glass production plants.


It is applied in a variety of constructions and is an innovative and modern product that adds glamour and comfort to all spaces:

  •  Living rooms in houses
  • Bathrooms
  • Hotel rooms Hotel rooms
  • Retail outlets
  • Hotel rooms
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Digital signage / signs
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