Mirrors are an element that has gained prominence in the world of decoration. This is why interior designers are incorporating more and more mirrors into their projects.

Conventional mirrors, however, have limited use in areas with high humidity and in applications where high mechanical and thermal resistance is required.

SGG Mirastar type glass panes provide a solution for such applications. These are essentially glass panes that have undergone magnetron coating of metal layers in vacuum conditions. In this way the mirror becomes resistant to high humidity, while at the same time withstanding the materials of cleaning and disinfection products. Also, this glass pane can be tempered (tempering) acquiring much higher mechanical strength than the common mirror.

Mirastar meets the requirements of class A of the European standard UNE – EN 1096 and complies with the rules applicable to CE marking.

Mirrors with the special chrome coating can be used both indoors and outdoors.

This product can, under certain lighting conditions, also be used as a one-way mirror, also known as a “spy” mirror.

It is a mirror used to monitor spaces without the observer’s presence being noticed. To achieve the best result, it is necessary to ensure a light intensity ratio of at least 7:1. This means that the space we want to see must be at least 7 times brighter than the space in which the observer is standing.


It has an extremely high reflectivity coefficient (LR=52%) and an extremely low light transmission coefficient (LT<2%). These properties prevent the one we observe from looking towards the observer (if the observer is in a darker room). The observer, on the other hand, can see the room where the interrogator is located perfectly clearly.


The company Vlavianos offers this technologically innovative product following the ever-increasing challenges of modern decoration trends.


  • Bathrooms with inadequate ventilation
  • Hotels on islands and in coastal areas
  • Residential properties on islands and in coastal areas
  • Sea vessels
  • Swimming pools
  • Doors
  • Spacers
  • Wall cladding
  • One-way mirror
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