Transparent, colored glass is float glass, the mass of which has been colored during its production. Colored glass is made by adding small amounts of metal oxide to the glass composition. This affects the transmission of solar energy and modifies the color, without changing the basic properties of the glass. The only difference is the reduction in light transmission that comes with the tinting of the glazing.

Colored glazing (tinted, bronze, green, blue) reduces the overall solar energy transmittance, because it has an increased energy absorption capacity. This means that special care is needed when using them, because if there are adverse environmental factors, then peripheral grinding (or even heat treatment) becomes necessary in order to avoid undesirable auto-refractive phenomena.

Available thicknesses and colors:

Thickness  Bronze  Fume  Green  Blue 
03mm x
04mm x x x
05mm x x x x
06mm x x
08mm x x x
10mm x x x


1. Energy efficiency

Tinted windows are the perfect solution for reducing the amount of money you spend on energy supply, especially if you decide to have your windows painted. This type of glass is designed to absorb heat, thereby reducing the amount of heating you use in your home or business. However, it should be taken for granted that it is dark inside the house, while on the outside of the house, the solar glass makes it more difficult to see the inside!

2. Increased privacy

If you need privacy, tinted glass is an ideal solution for darkening your property. It can also be used for office spaces where it is vital that procedures remain discreet and confidential.

3. Low maintenance

Tinted glass is extremely easy to clean and maintain. It is also water and scratch resistant, which allows for great durability. Therefore, investing in this type of glass will save you time and money on cleaning products.


Colored glass is used in many applications, with the most typical examples being the following:

  • Furniture making
  • Architectural applications
  • Decoration of premises
  • External frames
  • Automotive industry
  • Ships & Boats
  • It is also used as a base glass for the manufacture of either reflective or energy glass.

At Vlavianos Glass we maintain a wide variety of colored glass (tinted, bronze, green, blue) satisfying the most demanding tastes. At the same time, the specialized staff of Vlavianos Glass undertakes to inform you about the correct application of the glass panes of your choice and our experienced crews implement the construction at your place.

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