This type of glass is the first and completely successful attempt in the glass industry for a safety product.

While its construction, at the synthesis and melting stage, is the same as that of ordinary glass, the difference lies in the stage where the liquid product enters the coagulation phase.

At this point, a stainless metal mesh is inserted into the liquid mixture, and after cooling the glass remains encapsulated.

It is safety glass precisely because it has the ability to retain, after breakage, and is a reliable solution to fire safety issues.


  • They have high elasticity and increased mechanical strength
  • The metal mesh, in case of breakage, holds the broken pieces of glass preventing unpleasant situations
  • They provide increased safety in case of fire, giving everyone the necessary time to escape
  • In this type of glasses we have various decorative designs, which give a unique aesthetic to each application.


This type of glass is found in :

  • Ironwork (interior and exterior)
  • Balcony Protectors
  • Iron doors
  • Windows in industrial factories and warehouses.

Although nowadays this type has been replaced by modern technology security glazing such as triplex or securit.


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