Variable translucency glazing is triplex glass, which has a liquid crystal membrane between 2 bonding membranes.

These liquid crystals, at rest, are randomly arranged, blocking the view through the glass, diffusing the light (the image we get when we look at the glass is the same as when we look at a sandblasted glass). However, once a (continuous) current is applied, the liquid crystals parallelize, allowing viewing and turning the glass pane transparent at the touch of a button. In any case, the luminous transmittance (hence the illumination of the room) remains almost the same (LT=77% when they are open).



When installed, they shall be connected to an appropriate electronic/electrical device, which shall be provided by the manufacturer.

These glazing units are ideal for a range of applications such as:

  • Interior partitions
  • Elevator doors
  • Glass doors


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