The new innovation in the field of building, decoration and design is the glass marble.

Marble Glass is a pioneering – innovative product created to meet the needs and new market trends in the field of construction and decoration.

It is transparent, like stone and glass. To perceive the transparency of Marble Glass you have to observe it when light hits it.

The effect of the light is also strong in the twelve millimeter plate, but also in a thicker plate. Illuminate Marble Glass with led and enjoy the amazing effect that is created!

It is environmentally friendly and made of natural elements. Without resins or solvents, it is completely ecological and 100% recyclable.

Marble Glass is a building material that offers a wide variety of proposals, high durability and aesthetics. It can be used practically everywhere!


  • Outdoor investments
  • Floor construction
  • Interior decoration of commercial premises and houses
  • Bathroom and kitchen furniture
  • Indoor and outdoor investments
  • Floors
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Kitchen – office – reception desks
  • Spacers
  • Air conditioning
  • Wall tiles

Marble Glass can satisfy the most demanding taste, in any application!


>Applications in bathrooms

Washbasins (double or single), single or in pieces, bath or shower enclosures. Any special construction in a bathroom, in the dimensions you wish, is possible with Marble Glass.

The material is suitable for installation in all types of bathrooms, since it combines the classic with the modern, offering impressive constructions with a sense of unpretentious luxury that is captivating.

Use even the strongest cleaner (Viakal) to clean it, as the material is not affected by any deterioration.

Enjoy the play of light created by Marble Glass and marvel at the extraordinary look one sees in a sunset!

Marble Glass is not just a ceramic glass, it is much more. .

The end result is a flat and very strong element.

It is not only the appearance that makes Marble Glass look like marble, but also the treatments it can undergo: cutting, finishing, sandblasting, soldering, all the same as marble, but with different tools, of course.

The material is available in three thicknesses: 12 and 18 mm. and in white and black.

The processing possibilities of Marble Glass are numerous:

May be ground, cut, sanded, sandblasted, glued with a special lamp, or trimmed after heat treatment (molding process).


> Kitchen applications

Glass marble kitchen counters are the most technologically advanced available and are certified by international, recognized and approved durability tests.

They are made to withstand very high temperatures; they are not scratched or scratched and can be cleaned with any cleaner, without any problem at all! Compared to the rest of the materials used in the countertops, Marble Glass is not subject to any alteration, neither to the color nor to the finish.

Nothing can damage it, scratch it or alter its brightness and color! It is a forever material!

The relevant tests, carried out in laboratories, guarantee its characteristics.


> Floor applications

Marble Glass has passed, with amazing results, all the resistance tests to which it has been subjected: absorbency (almost zero), resistance to chemical cleaners (no alteration) and heat resistance (very high).

More specifically, Glass Marble has a very high anti-slip coefficient and does not undergo thermal shock. It generally behaves like granite, even in terms of stiffness! This makes it ideal for floors, indoors or outdoors.


> Also suitable for radiant floor heating.


Thanks to its unparalleled quality, it is widely used in floating or non-floating floor systems. In addition, radiant floor heating can be used, with low current consumption.


> Indoor and outdoor applications


Marble Glass can take any shape and design, deifying it, e.g. in 60 x 60 tiles. Its surface makes it perfect in appearance and easy to clean. It’s also perfect for mosaics!

It is a material with unique characteristics. It’s modern. Its soft surface is completely reflective! The perfect finish it can handle makes it suitable for outdoor use and for stairwells.


The material is not damaged by UV radiation.

Laboratory studies have proven that Marble Glass is the perfect solution for cladding facades as it is homogeneous, protects against UV radiation, does not scratch with anything and lasts a lifetime!

More and more projects are done using Marble Glass, because it is the ultimate solution.

Marble Glass is the answer to building the future.

The incomparable quality, the flawless finish allowed by its brightness and its high aesthetics makes it the most suitable and sophisticated building material, which with the corresponding imagination and creativity can highlight your unique, personal taste.

Marble Glass is the pinnacle of style, with the signature… VLAVIANOS S.A.

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