Anti-Reflective Glass Panels have almost no reflection, offering amazing visual results, because they do not create images and provide more clarity.

Common Whites have 90% Transmittance and 8% Reflectance, while Anti – Reflective have Transmittance greater than 98% and Reflectance less than 1%.

We have 2 types of Anti-Reflective Glass:

  1. Ultra Clear have an excellent view due to their low iron base (average level 100ppm, 0.01%). They are excellent for high performance projects as light transmission is over 91%. These glass panes are mainly used in domestic, architectural and special applications.
  1. The Glass Frames are double coated, have a light transmission of over 98% and minimal reflection. They filter over 60% of UV radiation. Triplex 22.1, with the PVB membrane between the two panes, ensure greater protection against ultraviolet radiation.


  • Pitches
  • Museum exhibitions
  • Airports
  • Retail stores
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